This blog is up to offer information for computer hardware essentials on the A+ certification. It will have a range of info to assist with completing it. The A+ certification is kind of like a permit, which gives you an official stamp for putting together and repairing PC hardware. Its full program name is CompTIA A+ Certification. It’s great for work and improving parts of your hobbies. You’ll come across info on hardware tips, exam material, exam locations, assembly tips and several other resources to take it. Through learning these approaches you’ll be able to put together a computer, and repair some parts. This is a great way to get familiar with computers, while seeing pieces of hardware from a different perspective. The site will also recommend some good material to add to what you see online for A+ info. It’s a great way to jump into the industry and add to your expanding knowledge. There will be updates from Black tech sites along the right, too. If you’d like something added to the site, just drop us a message, feedback is appreciated! From link lights to zettabytes!


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